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Le meilleur au moins cher, sinon rien !Easynutrition is completely dedicated to the food supplements of pharmaceutical quality at a cheap prices. is the second brand developed by NHM.

Sole purpose of : Put at the disposal of all, food supplements at the best prices on the market.

Its range of dietary supplements is varied. The production of natural products is mainly French and German.

Food supplements at a fair price and an ethics which cannot suffer of pseudo testimonies purchased.

Le naturel notre passion, la science notre exigence !Labosp

LaboSP specializes in herbal medicine, and phytotherapy.

Since a few years, the need to return to an alternative medicine, a natural medicine is felt. Healing plants are increasingly used to heal naturally.
To meet this demand, every day our laboratory specialized in herbal medicine, strives to find and develop new food supplements.

The whole food supplements that we develop are natural products . They are composed of non-GMO natural medicinal plants, grown without pesticides, fungicides or insecticides. They do not contain either preservatives or aromas.

Our products are for internal or external use. In the first case, it is about vegetable capsules, and in the other case, the form of oils or creams, containing no chemicals, or parabens.

The food supplements are accessible to the whole population, including people with certain allergies to gluten, lactose or casein.

Scientists with multiple skills and facets (doctors, pharmacists, biologists, dentist) work in synergy and in complementarity with our laboratory.

Their common objective is the scientific development of food supplements to relieve and treat all kinds of health problems. Acne, migraine, diabetes, cholesterol, stress, tendonitis are some examples of ailments. Throughout his life, for all types of ailments, more feminine as the menopause or more masculine such as infertility, heal naturally by medicinal plants is possible.