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Use clauses

As food supplements, the products mentioned are not drugs and cannot replace medication prescribed by a doctor.

Before any use, NHM recommends a consultation with an expert. You looking for a therapist...

NHM cannot be held responsible towards the user or the prescriber for any decision, action and/or omission which it took, relative to the various contained informations in the site.


Privacy Statement

NHM will not use your personal data, unless this is required to provide the services you have explicitly requested.

NHM will not disclose your personal data, wherever they come from (contact form, email exchange, order form...) whatsoever either paid or free without explicit agreement from you. 

NHM is committed to providing you with the means to control and modify the information about you.

NHM agrees to allow you to share your concerns about protecting your privacy and to respond adequately


Sale Conditions

Applies to all products of NHM group sold under the brand LABOSP or Easynutrition



The sale of products from our and websites is governed by Belgian laws on distance selling. Any claim will be acceptable only within 30 days dated of the order.

Conditions of sending, invoicing and payment

The sending of the order is made after receipt of payment according to the mode chosen by the customer and the delivery times specified below. The customer receives an invoice of sale paid for every sending, corresponding to the amount paid and the delivery made.

Time & Conditions of delivery

Conditions of delivery 

The deliveries are made by post ways. In case of absence of the customer upon delivery, the parcel will be represented on the first business day following, or made it available to the client at the post office which he depends. If the customer does not pick up the parcel from the post office, it may be returned to us.  In this case, the order will be refunded but without the shipping costs incurred. Besides, a sending by express carrier can be requested by the customer which must accept the estimate prior the shipment.   

Delivery Time 

Except the holiday periods, all orders are sent within 8 working days after receipt of payment. Information regarding treatment of the order are available from 48 hours after the emission of order by contacting our order service by email at - or phone +33 (0)9 70 40 79 98.

Shipping Fees

Postal charges are fixed by parcel and therefore independent of the number of boxes covered by the order. Here the list of shipping cost according to country of destination against regular mail signature. In the case of choosing a fast carrier, the transport costs will be charged at the day rate according to the choice of the carrier and the destination with the customer's prior consent.

Fees for payment by check

The French checks are free. Fees for the NON-FRENCH checks are 20 €.  

Product return

The return of a product under the circumstances below will be held at the following address:

  • NHM - 8 Rue Taille Colin - 5030 Lonzée - Belgique 

Purchase waiver

The customer can cancel the purchase of the product after receipt within eight days after receiving the product and receive a full refund in the mesesure where the bottle has not been opened; the product return shipping costs are the customer's responsibility.

In case of nonconformity of a product, this one will be exchanged after return and under the condition that the wrongly received product was not opened. In case of imperfection noticed by the product after its opening, this one will be exchanged after return. Are not concerned with the notion of non-compliance, the products among which the form of consumption or labeling turns out modified from a lot to another or within the same lot, as far as all the criteria of use and composition are exactly the same.

Special Rates

Special rates are available for therapistsorganizations or groups.

Health professionals have specific conditions of purchase. We invite you to open an account for "Health professional" on our webshop. After validation of the information you provided us, it will allow you to order our products online at advantageous rates.